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December 6th, 2006, 00:11
Originally Posted by RatavuK View Post
Yeah roqua you're riiite. For example in System Shock I and II TriOptimum is the big bad company, or let's say in Resident Evil it's Umbrella. Corporations are rarely or never good in games. But in Bloodlines i really don't know what you are meaning with corporation. I'm playing Bloodlines atm after a long time again and i'm enjoying it like if i would play it for the first time.
The aristocrat vampire sect has corporate fronts, the "lead bad guy," or what Troika makes the least appealing person to side with, is in his corporate office downtown.

In kotor 1 they also have the evil capitilistic pig merchant in the undercity of the starting city, nevermind the big evil corp that is also in part 2 (where you have to be a good guy and side with the tree hugging race, or a bad guy if you side with them).

Plenty of examples in NWN and millions of other games. But who cares, game devs work for corporations for the most part, are anti-piracy for the most part, and make money through capitalism. The only game to come out of a communist country that I know before the curtain fell was Tetris. How many games come from Cuba and North Korea?

But I would much rather talk about how game mechanics now-a-days sucks, despite the political leanings of the game makers. ToEE could've been made as a combined effort by Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, Bin Laden, and Satan with a theme of how everyone in the US should be raped and slaughter, and I would have still bought it and loved it.
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