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December 6th, 2006, 05:07
well when probably over half the 'dramas' on television are crime related toning down violence seems kind of hard. it does help to further the black and white, good versus bad themes though in the media. non-violent options to conficts need to be addressed more like you said maylander. sit-coms on the other end rarely deal with any actual problem solving or conflict resolutions other than superficial or ridiculous situations. that said there are some good shows on tv, i myself have 2 1 hour shows i watch each week.

while lots of people have bipolar views on sexuality and violence, it can be said for most people that sexuality is more personal, embarassing, intimate, and less risky. for example a boy could be seen as a bully if he beats up on those smaller than him, but he is praised if he sticks up for him self when someone picks on him. so lots of kids are only given two options, take it or stand up and use violence. there is rarely a way for teachers, students, or parents to help the situation. the rewards for being violent in these situations unfortunately are usually much higher than being a 'punching bag' or being a 'coward'.

girls however aren't usually violent, there 'agressive' behavior could be looked at as sexual. (in nature males fight each other for the affection of a female who has to find/attract a mate). but if a girl is sexually 'aggressive' or 'forward' than she is often reffered to as a slut. this is the imbalance and hypocrisy in society. both genders have natural tendencies towards these two and to be an advocate of one while being conservative with the other is unfair and not natural and why the average person is sexually repressed and a violence junkie.

the ancient greeks were at least both!
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