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December 6th, 2006, 20:27
Well if you don't see the connection to violence being mass produced for cosumer consumption then is it my fault or does it mean that it doesn't exist (i.e. my theroy)?

Are you suggesting as an example if you didn't know the theroy of gravity, that gravity wouldn't exist?
Does this also mean that you think your beliefs/lack of effect object reality?
As in tell me you believe gravity does not exist, then go jump off a 4 story building to prove it?

Actually I used references form Germany and US, also I cleary wasn't attacking the country I live or Germany but crimality of the corrupted whom cause the violence to be preicated on the public and why they use violence.

If knowing why its being done (i.e. to seperate) frightens you then you should just keep ignoring it so you can feel comfortable.

I haven't ever been in the politcal forum but the links are obvious of what I posted to the current discussion are cleary linked.

Also insulting country or religon.
Well insulting is the key, right?
I gave specific, verifiable examples so its reality, now if accurate infomation offends you or someone else it sounds more like your unwillingness to include reality in your beliefs.

Besides the fact that I am not ranting or calling names clearly shows my intend is not to be insulting, as a matter of fact its completly oppisite.
Do I gain anything from saying this, am I getting rich, expoilting women, sending thousands of innocents to murder 100s of thousands or other innocents?
While I have many faults and you can choose to believe what you wish as far as I am concerned, as long as you don't cause harm to someone else, I am not aware of any blood on my hands.
Violience is used a a controling issue whether anyone believes it or cares.
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