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December 6th, 2006, 22:45
@xsamhainx-i'm sorry if it was just you misunderstanding me or the opposite but how is decreasing violence on television (not what is shown but how much of it) and offering alternatives bad. we do live in a democracy don't we. maybe you should read 1984 for the first time or again since your allusion to it seems completely the opposite of what orwell felt. the television i was talking about breeds fear and distance from others(how much it actually does is debateable, but it does so regardless). and why would you be forced to watch non-violent programming anymore than i am to watch the shows i reffer to. there should be something for everyone, but to be flooded with too much of the same dulls the brain like dragging a knife across the desert. and i am not a fan of happy endings, which rarely exist truthfully.

i don't blame anyone, for i'm just as guilty as anyone, i just want the world to be a kinder place, not the more and more fear driven one it is becoming. we all have answers which could work but just treating each other more humanely is enough for me.

i even bought this game months ago but have been to 'scarred' to play it as it might change or get in the way of the games i'm currently playing. and i'm not advocating this game, which would be unfair since i haven't even played it, i was just wondering if anyone else have heard of it since its made by a fairly well known developer (if you like city builers that is).

its the game on top

when i have the courage to play it i'll try to also have the courage to start writing game reviews
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