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December 7th, 2006, 01:26
i was talking about free (non-cable, dish, satelite) television. not everyone can afford the $50 or more a month. yes there are lots of good cable stations and programs, but although the majority of america may have cable i do not and haven't for years. networks may have 'lost ground' to quality cable programming over the years but the majority of 'most watched shows' are still on network television. i wasn't trying to offend or judge you or you family, sorry if i did.

and my phrase of violence and sexual repression was an exageration, so i apoligize for that. i mearly wanted to point out the descreapancy in that they rarely seem to be treated/viewed equally, though not that they should be. an extremely liberal person could not let their child watch any violent movies, tv ectera but they could be 'sexually liberated'(or whatever that means). while on the other hand a parent could buy their kid every violent game out there, take them hunting, but not talk to them about sex, or tell them they couldn't have it and so on. obviously most people are in the middle with the imaginary mean set a little towards the violence acceptance side. and its irrelevant what my views or anyones views are since actual game rating systems, and fcc regulations dictate what we can watch anyhow.
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