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December 7th, 2006, 06:13
None of this is an attack on anyone, well except maybe some corrupt governent officials whom mislead for personal gain of wealth and power.

"you drew a direct parallel between the US and NAZI Germany!"
No I didn't.
Maybe you mean by presenting 2 factual statments from two different officials from two different governments, I gave an example of a propaganda technique sucessfully?

"Anything else you had to say was moot at that point"
Not really, actually your trying to change the subject.

"it is sort of like debating whether racial preferences help or hurt and imbuing your argument with racial slurs … any other argument is lost."
Actiually not, I am talking about object reality, you are trying to side track about factless racial ad hominem attacks.
We can certianly have a factual discussion about racial inequality if you wish.

"I am not sure what theory you are pushing?"
Nope, none of those.
We were talking about violence, in games where it comes from and why, unless I misunderstood the thread.

My point was following up about violence in TV and why violence is ok here in the US but not sex, mentioning that propaganda is used to do it.
Propaganda of fear which is used to divide nations and scare the public.
If you recall after the attacks we were not asked to sacrfice in this time of war unlike ever before, were only asked to stay home and shop online if it was to unsafe to go to the malls.

Not only did I show what was done, but how and why they do it.
Realising that propaganda is being used against us by our own governmanet is not a direct corlation, propaganda is a technique used by many and differeing governaments.

To me not talking about any subject is a copout, but I know there are people whom can't, won't and don't talk about certian things and they have that right.

"generalist theory, not specific to individuals - otherwise all of those attempts to ban violent video games would have merit. I'm not sure what else you are saying …"
I wasn't saying that and I don't have a theory.

What are you asking me, are you saying you want me to name a single person responsible for all violence?

" down to "cops 'n robber shows"
Then I misunderstood the thread, I though we were talking about violence.
All I did was give a factual example of the technique being used.

In general.
I used two examples equally, I don't hear anyone complaining that I used Ashcroft and I certianly didn't use Hitler but I would have no problem with it if it was applicable.

Godwin clearly says overuse and yet I didn't use him once.

Now I know the premise of these posts and this thread is to more than make ad hominem attacks on factual accurate information, corect?

Is this maybe frustration at being duped for the last 6 years here in the US, I am not sure where the confusion is located?

A lot of people fell for and backed alot of very horrible and violent crimes here in the US, so I can imagine its/was painful realization, very very sad.

"use of television as some sort of mental conditioning"
You mean you don't think it is?
How was the slimest of majorities conviced to invade a sovern nation, whom had never directly attacked the US nor was it cappable at all and no a single verifiable piece of information of even an progam for nukes much less being able to fire one of in 45 min according to our brilliant leader?
How has the cirmes against humanity, murder of 100s of thousands of innocents, the torture and maining thousands and the rapes of childern in front of there parents.
How has this been able to continue?
(references above come from General Togobala's (sp) Report way back in 2003, iir , the American Red Cross, John Hopkins institute, Doctors without Borders and not to mentioned leaked CIA documents.)

"by whose standards?"

Do you say that about Peniciallin if you an infection, or when talking about geography of the earth being round or if you know someone whom need medical treatment for terminal illness when a cure exist for it or what about questioning the need for stiches if you or your child has a sever cut/laseraion?

Or perhaps you go to your local religous leader when you are sick, or want your life expectancy rasied from about 40 (pre 1600 about) to (whats the averge sicence has brought us too?) 80?
Or when you need your roads repaired, your rural water, sewage and electrictly to work correctly?
How about your computer repair, you internet connection, the safety of your food supply.
I would like the name of this religion and there phone number?

Or do you take those for granted because science has done a damn fine job or proving it objectivly as possible?

"I'm not a fan of violent TV shows, so I mainly watch sport like the NFL and NHL!!"
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