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December 7th, 2006, 06:15
Yeah wasnt bad, except for the funny spelling errors. At first I thought maybe he meant to use the word "defiantly" in a creative way, as in the game defies the standard of under 40 hr length of games - "So this game will defiantly last the distance in terms of length of the main campaign."

But later after it has been said to be "defiantly worth the cost" and "defiantly a leap over the original", it was evident that was not the case. He finally came around, and declared it "definitely worth the cost if your pc can run it" in his final roundup. Also spelled the word whether, "weather"

I'm not usually a grammar nazi, but gross infractions with a comical bent always get me fidgeting.

At least he didnt give us a NWN or worse yet a D&D history lesson, or try and dazzle us with a load of who's who inside baseball talk before the review proper. Ive started just skipping those in any review I see, and get into the review of the game itself.

Not a terribly good review, but not a particularly bad one either. Just needs a glance from a grammar nazi
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