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Default cmon guys

December 7th, 2006, 13:55
When visiting this site and reading news about another G3 review that scores the game "too bad" as some of you might think, I can be sure to have at least about 15 comments like: "what an idiot the reviewer is".

Beeing a (former?) fan of the Gothic-series myself, i have to admit: Everyone scoring this game more than 60% or maybe 70% is not as honest and as professional as a reviewer as I would like to have them.

I played the game for some hours, but I think finally deinstalled after a savegame was lost. I hadn't anymore desire to play it any longer anyway. If something can be labeled as "trash" here, it's not all the bad reviews on the game -even if some reviewers are really not know what they are doing and should better continue playing Mario in Dazaland or Diablo2- no it's the game itself, it's that simple, I mean the game looks extra-shitty with a very bad performance and the story and dialogues is pretty plain, there are unforgiving bugs, crashes, … Just not finished, I'm even thinking of playing my (pirated, of course) version of Dungeon Lords (!) first before coming back to this "gem" G3, since it needs at least as much patches as DL needed to become a medicore game,

just want to say all the guys trying to defend G3 at all cost: fanboys! Try to see the reality! G3 isn't worth a 9/10 points rate, not even an 8/10! It's just unfinished crap, like The Fall, Brigade E5, Dungeon Lords, …




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