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December 7th, 2006, 15:37
Originally Posted by BillSeurer View Post
"but there are few things in game history to compare to Dungeon Lords"

I've never played DL but if you are talking about buggy releases think back to the release of Fallout 2. What a disaster! It was unplayable and it took them quite a while to get it in a workable state. Along the way they released buggy patches that screwed up save games and some that made things WORSE. A lot of people tend to forget that and hold up Fallout 2 as some sort of gold standard.

Another really good game (for its time) that was unplayable at release was Darklands. In its case it took so long for Microprose to fix it that the game with all its promise of sequels and such died.
Same with Daggerfall …

Thing is - while the releases were all messy, the *core product was solid*. Dungeon Lords was a horrific mess, made worse by crappy dev / pub support, made worse still by an unforgivable decision to charge *another* $40 for the 'collectors edition' which was basically a patch with a few little extras, and the ultimate insult was that the game underneath all of that wasn't very good at all.
-- Mike
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