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December 7th, 2006, 15:19
Bill that's one side of the story. If you talk to the guys that were there at the time they will explain that for months Steve expressed concerns about the content of the game, not just the implementation of the mechanics, something they didn't like and I can see why. When he made clear one day that he could redraw from the game completely there was a meeting at Interplay, where they assigned a couple of members from the team to see if at that point it was still possible to create a system that could work in the game without breaking everything that was already made.

Since we are talking about a small team at the time where everyone helped out (Fallout was considered a B game inside Interplay, an oddity that Fargo allowed to be made as long as they would create the game with a low budget and without spending too much resources) , and comprised of many P&P and tabletop games fanatics, it wasn't difficult to create SPECIAL in a record time.

Of course Fargo saw the opportunity to get on with the game without Steve's doubts (and temper) hanging around their heads, and took it, that way he could save on royalties. Of course Steve didn't saw that coming, but it was his fault in the first place, when he tried to remedy the situation it was too late.

In the end fargo got a surprise hit made below budget and got the royalties for himself, leaving everyone happy at Interplay and Steve quite surprised to what had happened.

In the end that was one of the last good moves that Interplay made, but that's another story…

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