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December 7th, 2006, 16:38
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
Yes, but this year it was seriously closer to bancrupcy than ever before, I heard.
Not good. I look to the European developers for the future of PC, especially RPG titles.
I think the U.S. is way too geared up about consoles for all the wrong reasons, and also that the big dogs,as we say, have taken over the majority of companies--not to produce computer games, but to produce the most marketable, profitable entertainment experience--whatever that is.

I have nothing against the console gaming experience--or gamers who get off on consoles. It's the marketers that think it's the be-all and end-all of gaming and are only in it for the $$$ that make me tired. Of course there are plenty of those in the pc gaming world, too.

I regret to hear that Jo-Wood is in financial straits. They have produced some great games--I liked Europa 1400:The Guild, as well as the Gothis titles.
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