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December 7th, 2006, 21:13
Bill the reason Kawika posted that version of the events, wich has been in the net for many years, with slight variations, is simply because that's how we heard the story in the first place. If you have doubts again I advise you to go and talk to the devs from those days, Boyarsky and Cain are still great fans of GURPS and like Steve Jackson, something that not all of of them did after a while, I'm sure they might give you some clues on the events.

The basic story reads something like this, from a post at NMA from an old Interplay dev:
Wasteland was more than a "spiritual ancestor" to Fallout.

The original project that Interplay started was going to be Wasteland 2, only at the last minute EA refused to let Fargo use the Wasteland title.

Interplay then renamed it Fallout: A GURPS Post-Nuclear Adventure, and were going to use the Steve Jackson RPG system (thanks mostly to Tim Cain's love for the GURPS game system and Fargo's desire for a known product).

After a very rocky relationship between the development team and Steve Jackson Games, Interplay decided to drop both Steve Jackson and GURPS from the title.

The project finally became known as Fallout.
I only post public statements, for anything else again try the sources I showed you, and you can judge for yourself.
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