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December 8th, 2006, 07:14
I know how you feel, it has taken a long time to write in this thread.
I would have never had time if I was trying to care for kids and a family.
I know if you did have the time you would be offering helpful insightful information as usual, all with a smile.

I understand and your are correct but its more important to talk about it because even if people turn away, not to offer truths will deny any possibility of resolution or freedom from any type of addiction of propaganda.

In this instance references to violence being accepted over sex in the US per games but obviously its systemic here in the US and we probably are not alone.

The funny thing, if I wanted to draw a connection with so much accurate information available from official government documents to outright admissions it would be a piece of cake.
Especially compared to getting people to recognizing how much propaganda effects them everyday.

The most recent study iir has kids seeing 10, 000 commercials by the age of 4 (?) directed at them with pretty colors selling them addiction to sugar, salt and fats.
Can guess what comes next after the addictions to sugar, salt and fats?

That’s devastating at least to me, since I care about societies and people not corporations or criminal governments that allow the publics to be subjugated to this crap propaganda for extra money in the reelection funds and self-serving power

"Perhaps your intent was to compare propaganda techniques"
I was speaking in accuracies and they were not comparisons.
Your confusion is perfectly understandable, hell if I didn't misunderstand 10, 000 times a day I wouldn't feel alive.

Goering is an expert on Propaganda regardless of his affiliations and he is telling people how to protect themselves against it so it doesn’t happen again, not because he is promoting doing it.

If the World represented by the prosecutor Robert Jackson can utter one of the most profoundly basic and fundamental principals of humanity, "to pass these defendants a poison chalice is to put it to our lips as well".
How can we turn our back to the knowledge passed on to us through Justice, Humanity and Compassion?
Where should we step if not here?
Who would be drinking from the chalice, today?

Ashcroft is intended as an example of how propaganda and violence is condoned and used wrongfully.
I am not sure anyone can read his words and misunderstand them, now some may choose to ignore them, sort of Intentional Ignorance but it is still a truth.

" in the US is lower for sex than for violence - but it is lower still for drugs."
Right and it did get an M, but honestly I am not sure which was the reason or all.

" he may have been comparing leaders of our country to nazis but not the us."
Not really comparing them in this case (that would be too easy) but trying to be as accurate as possible.

Thanks for putting up a fuller quote, certainly considering I managed to be confusing.
Me confusing, never!

Its possible to use proaganda techniques with out the regiume, which is what Leo Struass (sp) studied, becasue he wanted to know how it was done.
Iir he was a Polish/Jewish immigrant whom came to the US shorty before or after the war started, it became his obsession really and drove him to be very reclusive.
According to the website, Project for the New American Century, run by Wolfiwiz, Rumsfield, Perle and others since the mid 90s all currently on the US gonvernment payroll states they studied under Struass.

Another example could be Mussolini, when asked why Fascism?
He said. "Fascism?, Lets be honest here, this is corporatism." or something close it was in Italian, appoligies I didn't have time to look that one up.

"he is no longer a cabinent member and is possibly going to be tried for war crimes himself (in germany no less."
Thats Rumsfeld, your thinking of but very close.

"master shipbuilder quest in lago"
I couldn't stop laughing.

If there is a better example I hope someone whom knows will share it.
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