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December 8th, 2006, 12:02
As far as I'm concerned the whole 'chicken chaser' and 'farting' 'features' show exactly who Fable was aimed at: juvinile male teenagers. I don't find anything remotely funny about it, to be honest, it just makes me cringe inside (just as much as similar movies, like Dumb and Dumber do)

To me Fable felt like the devs had great ideas, and then the further they got into the development of the game, the more they realised they could not actually implement these ideas. Theh in the end they just threw in the towel, gave up, added farting as a feature, and hoped that at least the under-20-male-audience might get a laugh out of it.
Playing Fable, all I could see is what the game should have been, what it was supposed to be, and what it wasn't. And I didn't follow the hype about the game at all, that was the saddest thing, I only read about all the promised features afterwards.
Makes me wonder how many broken promises we'll find in Fable2, for which Moulinoux seems to be blowing the same PR trumpet as he did for 1….
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