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December 8th, 2006, 15:45
Originally Posted by titus View Post
Definitely a game I will be watching,
never liked BG but did like KOTOR, and I don't don't know but it sounds really interesting
i was the opposite, liked BG, hated KOTOR.

as for moral choices, I don't know, for some reason when I play games and am forced to make a moral decision I can never seem to go outside of my real life character and choose the evil/bad options Like in NWN2 right now, seems everyone you talk to you can choose to save their kitty from the tree or light the tree on fire, and I can never force myself to light the tree, even though I really really want to just to see what would happen But I'd get tired of the constant saving/reloading just to see what happens. So I end up being a do-gooder throughout the whole game.

take for example the part in NWN2 where the orcs want to hire you to kill the ogres, and you talk to the ogres and they want to hire you to kill the orcs, so I figured i can go back to the orcs and explain the situation to them and perhaps find an amicable solution, but of course i don't get that choice, they just want to kill me outright, so I say 'fine' and slaughter the camp. then go back to the ogre hoping he'll want to back stab me and attack me, but no, he seemed like an intelligent fellow and i didn't get forced to have the satisfaction of killing them too and removing all evidence of the whole thing. i really wanted to kill the ogres at that point though, too bad.

anyway, i'm not sure what i'm talking about anymore… i think i need my first cup of coffee…

maybe i'm just saying that i personally never see any moral dilemas in games, i just follow my RL morals and play that way, I never seem to have to stop and think "hmm, do i really want to help him or do i tell him to shove off"… maybe these developers are putting too much wind into the 'morals' thing.

does anyone really have to make a moral DECISION everytime they come to some choices in a game? they make it sound like its some RL choice between colleges or something.
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