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October 18th, 2006, 22:31
Hi all,
After reading about all the G3 bug and polish problems and the fact that I'm being loyal to Aspyr and waiting for the NA release, I've decided to dive into G2/NotR for the first time. I've read plenty about it and have played around with the regular G2 demo a bit, so I'm up to speed on the basics.

The issue is that my playing time is very, very limited. Pretending to be an adult with a job, a wife and two small children means gaming has to take a back seat for the most part. Which brings us to the thread topic. I don't want to waste any time by screwing up my char and having to re-start. So, what I'm looking for from all you G veterens out there is what I should absolutely, positively avoid in order to be able to reasonably complete the game. That includes not having to gimp through re-loading every 5 minutes. I'm not looking for power gaming style tips, like how to achieve the most dps for instance. Not my style. What I am looking for is advice such as "don't put any LP's into skill X. It's an absolute waste because you get it for free half way through the game by completing a quest." That kind of stuff.

Thanks in advance!
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