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December 9th, 2006, 17:42
"And, this game will not contain any sexual content!""


Is there a planned Editor for modd'n.

I just went to their site yesterday to scan the forums about getting the demo to Alt-Tab correctly and noticed that they don't really seem to respond to questions on the forums at least English.
I understand if it takes a day or two but looks like the first post the guy has been waiting mofe than a week for answers.
If I went through the trouble to post and was ignored in Tech Support I either return the game if I owned it or in this case the demo wouldn't buy the game.

Since I am intrested i'll wait, but if the Devs are really intrested in the US market they proabably need to address the demo issue and support.

If they were a giant like EA they could ignore thier customers, but I imagine building a fan base if quite important for an up and coming Dev.

Opps I guess I should have read the froums before the news?
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