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December 10th, 2006, 13:07
Originally Posted by Lethal Weapon View Post
According to your logic, anyone who enjoys watching a good movie or reading a good book (which would be most of us) is a lunatic, since those activities involve a suspension of disbelief. After all, what are books if not piles of letters printed one next to the other?

It must be quite something for you to be one of the few healthy people in an insane world. Maybe you are the second Messiah or something?
Maybe I am! Or maybe you're just chaining together demented non sequiturs. People suspend disbelief when they read books, therefore everyone is insane, therefore I'm Jesus. Nice one, Aristotle. "Suspension of disbelief" just means the willingness to not question the plausibility of a fiction. The highest communion which most of us can achieve with a work of fiction is engrossment: forgetting about everything but the book for a spell. When you suspend disbelief, you don't actually think you're Bilbo or forget that elves don't really exist. Well, no. You might. For the rest of us, creating alternative personalities with lives of their own is an entirely different order of mental problem to losing yourself in a book and ignoring its little impossibilities.

Please do tell us more about the process of creating independent avatars, though. I picture you gradually enfolding the kernel of a character in fragments of your personality, much as an oyster creates a pearl. What does it feel like?
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