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December 10th, 2006, 13:18
hmmm… I'm sorry, but to add this comment, more or less as I recall it, "…is a true 'next' gen game, (implying spoken dialog apparently) so you do not have to READ through piles of text…" added to the fact that the demo is that of a shooter with poor dialog at best. Go ahead, tell me that this is not yet another action game that will be mis-labeled an RPG.

- Inventory management
- Upgrading of items
- Selectable abilities that make you better at things (ie, character customization)
- Choices that affect the fate of a whole lotta people, in ways that let you see the results, and which aren't obvious "I'm the hero! / I'm psychotic!" choices
…and how do these qualify it as an RPG? Many action games and shooters have had these "features" for years, and are NOT RPGs…
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