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December 10th, 2006, 15:05
I've tried the demo for Prey (I think). It was a really nice demo and I enjoyed playing it a lot. Untill I realized that it was my player skill that decided how much damage I would do to the monsters in the game, not the character's abilitites & skills which was used to do this.

In Prey, there also were inventory management & journal in the form of a PDA, upgrading of weapons and such. You could also, I think select certain abilities & skills as the start of the game; these abilities you were able to upgrade in the course of the game.

The true test is still this: (imo)

Is it the player's finger twitching skills with the mouse which decides how much & how fast damage you're going to inflict on your enemies, monsters in the game - or is it the
skills & abilities of the character in the game that decides this.

Is it the persuasion skill or the intelligence ability of the character (in game) which determines how much info the characters are given in the game or is it the player's
skills with the mouse & keyboard that give the characters info - in the game.

From what I have seen of the demo, the demo was clearly designed to get the Halo crowd interested in the game, Mass Effect. So that this crowd will buy the game. Nothing wrong with that, imo.

I just think that the Halo Crowd will be disappointed about the choices, they probably have to make in order to get to the good parts (as they see them) - i.e. the shooting parts.

I hope, however that Mass Effect will do very well - and that we get to se more of the
RPG elements as we come closer to the game's release.
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