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December 10th, 2006, 16:52
Originally Posted by cutterjohn View Post
Go ahead, tell me that this is not yet another action game that will be mis-labeled an RPG.
I just did. But if your definition of an RPG precludes action elements like the combat interface in Oblivion -- if the presence of action elements means that it cannot possibly be an RPG -- then yeah, you're gonna be disappointed. No way around that.

Originally Posted by aries100
Is it the player's finger twitching skills with the mouse which decides how much & how fast damage you're going to inflict on your enemies, monsters in the game - or is it the skills & abilities of the character in the game that decides this.
I'd say it's a mix. Yeah, you've got to target guys, and you can do that in a real-time arcade manner. But you can also pause the game to select a target, and just because you've targeted somebody doesn't mean you hit them when you shoot. Your shot hits somewhere in a circle, and the size of the circle is based on your skill -- the more points you spend on getting accurate with a weapon, the smaller the circle, and the more likely you are to hit your target.

Is it the persuasion skill or the intelligence ability of the character (in game) which determines how much info the characters are given in the game or is it the player's skills with the mouse & keyboard that give the characters info - in the game.
We've got a Persuade talent. People who don't have it are gonna see a much more streamlined story with far fewer choices. That's by design -- people who don't put points in Persuade are usually the people who don't CARE about a deep story or complex choices, so those people get to just zoom through and shoot stuff and occasionally go, "Man, it sucks that the bad guy killed those people." The guy with Persuade has a chance to save those people. (That's a massively dumbed-down example.)
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