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December 10th, 2006, 21:29
Originally Posted by aries100 View Post
….The true test is still this: (imo)
Is it the player's finger twitching skills with the mouse which decides how much & how fast damage you're going to inflict on your enemies, monsters in the game - or is it the skills & abilities of the character in the game that decides this.

Is it the persuasion skill or the intelligence ability of the character (in game) which determines how much info the characters are given in the game or is it the player's skills with the mouse & keyboard that give the characters info - in the game…..
This is one of the clearer explications of rpg vs non-rpg that Ive witnessed(--and as mentioned earlier in this thread--it's a perpetual black hole of discourse on any rpg site, so Im sure we've all seen terrabytes of 'em )

In an rpg you are developing a character and in essence, the character is the medium for the game experience. In other genres, to use an analogy, the game is an instrument and you are the musician.

A person who enjoys the first experience may not be willing or able to enjoy the second.

I see the difficulty at the core here as being this "please all of the people all of the time and we'll make more money" bandwagon that seems to be the current trend in the industry.

Nobody is content to build a "smaller" game for a core audience who will appreciate a product designed with them in mind and buy it. Rather, the game must be a platform-swallowing blockbuster designed to attract all groups while repelling none.

It must make the task much harder for the devs.

On the other hand, we occasionally get games from this approach that transcend the limitations of any particular genre and do manage to appeal to opposing variants of the game audience. Bioware is probably the company that has done this the best. While I find games like KOTOR rather flat compared to real rpgs, it wasn't a bad game per se. And the bottom line , is of course the bottom line, where it did very well.
I'm sure Mass Effect will also do this, and wish you guys nothing but the best.
Just keep making Dragon Age
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