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December 11th, 2006, 05:22
I had no idea who she was, doesn't matter she is cute and having a cute girl as Heroin in a video game, well lets see geeez that's never happened.

Sio what's the premise of concern, omg childern might find out men trick and lure vulnerable and many mistreated women into terrible situations and some break free we should abused them in public?

Damn those women how dare they, maybe we could burn them if we can't control our lust for them or they refuse our advances, that will teach them!

Does anyone bother checking the models previous history before buying a game?
Oh, only women are held to a higher standard and if not by choice we'll force them damn it!

Thanks man, hows that farting problem?
You still under Restraing Order to keep away from the any public gatherings?
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