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December 11th, 2006, 06:01
Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
Thanks man, hows that farting problem?
I never said it was a problem. It's a Natural Act, based on Compasion and Understanding, it blends with all Cultures and therefor is Timeless. Unlike Revelation, it is not False and Inhumane, it does not Judge my Fellow Man and Woman. As One who has tried to Beleive in Humanity, and has Triumphantly Succeded, you Acleasius surely share this Understaing with Me, your Felloe Man.
Let us thenceforth fart faintlessly upon all Moral Men, and sweep off our beloved Mother Earth, Morality, its Parent Religion, Fear, Guilt, Manpulation, Enslavement of the Mind, and Inhumane Marketing Ploys !

"All you need is fart." - John Lennon
"80% of all American men and woman fart" - Alfred E. Kinsey
"Atlas Farted" - Ann Rand
"Farting is a Humanism" - Jean-Paul Sartre
"Woman also Fart" - Simone de Beauvoir
"If you look unto your butthole, your butthole farts unto you" - Friedrich Nietzche
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