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December 12th, 2006, 02:30
Nay I say, as it erodes the very humanity we are trying to protect!
Yet I say, as we stand united against the fatuous indignation and only through olfactory neutralization can we persevere.

As legends have foretold many countless times, though fear and self-righteous judgment those whom attempt to fuse the evil vibrations upon the harmony of peace loving people every release causes untold hardships and suffering.

The initial catastrophic reaction is a passing moment of selfish perception, its very essence seeps though all known threads of life and death.

Timeless are the effects felt beyond any generation it’s the compassion and understanding that are the first to suffer from the noxious recourse.

Therefore, let’s unite not with actions when our fortunes are foretold with victory of linguistic fusion and our spirit shall prevail

"Farting causes weight loss." -Atkins Diet Book 666.
“Fart fairly or don’t at all” –The Confucius.
“Farts smell sweet for 900 years, they do.” –Yoda.

The mirror is cracked yet strangely clear.
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