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December 12th, 2006, 02:42
Picking up on the general content of members posts regarding G3 immersion and depth of gameplay etc' it looks to be the more the hard-core gamers that are less affected by the bugs and problems we read about, just as Acleacius and Danicek mention, the same goes for me.
I am so much immersed that i can barely leave the game alone, it is running beautifully, i am playing for hours on end because there is definately more depth of storyline than first thought.
This seems to suggest that some G3 reviewers (and some players) just don't get the picture, the game is supposed to be a long hard struggle for the protagonist, the redeemer, the decider to conclude against all odds and obtacles put in his way, to percieve the correct finely woven storyline path that is not very apparent to the average player. There are many not-so apparent hints dropped along the way - ignore them and the game becomes almost meaningless or boring and repetitive as some have mentioned.
It is so hard in places that ive had to double-back quite a few times because the true (dare i say) 'deceptive' storyline is almost hidden.

Now if reviewers are not aware of these G3 in game subtleties then they can hardly know just what they are reviewing in the first place and will perhaps have to play the game several times over (or make many saves) in order to understand the games intentions.

So regarding the reviewers quote….. ["Not only is it difficult to tell if you made contact, but the motion lacks any feel that you hit something solid"]
isn't quite exact. Combat as the levels increase become more definate and refined, at L65 i can hear a squash sounds of the sword striking, blood spatter and cries from opponents, sparks fly from skeletons blades when struck, bodies tumbling through the air as they die complete with sounds is not all that bad to me.
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