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December 12th, 2006, 19:52
Did any else notice it said C-RPGS? IMHO I don't think all of the games fits… at least I've not inculded any console titles in my list… otherwise it'd look very different. Also this is the list on the top of my head I am sure I've forgotten some great old C64 stuff, amiga stuff…… and PC games.. but it'll have only great games

1. Ultima 7 - Brilliance! still unsurpassed.
2. BaK - I love this game
3. Wizardry 8 - In some ways this deservers number one, it lasts forever, and the gameplay mechanics, character development and combat is fantastic.
4. Gothic
5. Gothic 2
6. Anachronox - some poor gameplay mechanics, but some parts of this game is so brilliant and funny, I've never laughed so much!
7. MM6 - Best MM game
8. Planescape Torment - I hated all the filler quests, but some parts of this game was great… though it was very uneven.
9. Wizardry 7 - Too much combat and many problems… but still has the wizardry brilliance.
10. Albion - Like someone else pointed out, great game!

I'd never add the BG games, and KOTOR is in the top 10 worst RPG, Oblivion is not even anywhere close to enter either, nor is any Diablo game. I know people will complain about this but I think that way so just disregard my list if you think it makes my opinions worthless.
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