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December 12th, 2006, 23:28
Can you blame them?

Many people yell their lungs out when they see a game even with small bugs, even when it can be seen that developers have put blood, sweat and tears for it. They didn't just want to make dough. Just like gothic 3. A true diamond in the rpg genre. there are only few games like that and just LOOK AT THE UNFAIR bashing it got. I'm not demanding nine or tens for it, but for the grace of god give it atleast SEVEN. It deserves it. Not because it is a gothic, but because even a blind man can see how complex game it is and how fun it is if you give it a chance.

It amaizes me that most of the journalists nowdays can no longer see behind the cosmetic flaws, they only see those flaws and judge the game by those flaws. It was same with g1 and it was same with Arx too. Even deus ex got some critisims because of it wasn't top notch in terms of craphics.

A whole opposite is the thing with oblivion. Journalists only see awesome craphics, cool physics and nice action but are totally blinded to notice those roleplay flaws size of an elephant!

Press doesn't value deep games anymore. They are only eager see an other gta or oblivion..an other burger game. Its like fast food. It tastes good, but it can't replace a real old school meal (or gaming experience). My hope is that eventually people will get bored to bic macs and pizzas and will begin demanding something else.
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