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December 13th, 2006, 01:20
Acleacius: There are weapons (several different types) and there are definitely romances. The weapons aren't like an inventory system, though -- finding a weapon gives you a style, and you can improve with that style.

Dhruin: Speaking as somebody who didn't work on the game, I loved the writing, I loved the art, I loved the story, I loved the movies, and it didn't feel like quite enough of a roleplaying game. I feel like I can say that because everyone in the company is saying that -- that's what the designers were asked to make (a game light enough on hardcore RP elements to let action gamers pick it up). They did that, and while it's sold fairly well, it wasn't a massive hit at least in part because it wasn't action-y enough for action people or RP-ish enough for RP people. There wasn't enough crunchy customization, and there weren't enough side quests. There are a lot of good reasons for it, which mostly boil down to:

1) Art is expensive, and art for side quests is the first thing to get cut when budget stuff happens.
2) VO-dialogue and more complex NPC reactions (changing emotions, gestures, etc) make conversations more labor-intensive, which in turn make conversation-based side-quests more expensive.

That is in NO WAY an attempt to dissuade anyone from buying it. Like I said, I loved the writing and the story. There's some awesome art. There are some beautiful moments. Just buy it expecting a solid 25-30-hour game with a strong main story and some good choices and great moments instead of a 100-hour side-quest marathon.
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