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December 13th, 2006, 01:03
What I found most disappointing in JE is the very limited scope of the game and its linearity; perhaps I shouldnt have felt that way, since JE came after KotOR but Bio really put the emphasis on how they were creating a complete (un)original world, even going so far as building an entire langage, etc., and that's what attracted me to the game -- besides the different setting. But you experience next to nothing of that; and the point of the flying machine is really to keep you on track towards your goal, which is the Imperial City, so that you're participating in an interactive movie more than playing a game. (BG2 had a somewhat similar slant, however by forcing you to amass a large sum of money to continue the main quest, the devs gave you a free hand to explore and do lots of quests.) In the first Act you meet a character that bluntly states that travelling to the Imperial City by any other means than the flying machine would take weeks, so that's out and you hop aboard that metal and wood insect. And when you do get to the Imperial City, if you go out of the gate, you get to see the entire map of China -- I mean the Jade Empire --, and there's a grand total of two locations on that vast landscape, the Imperial City, where you are, and the place you came from. Can you tell I expected more from this game ?
So, Patrick, if you dont mind my adressing you directly, you'll understand if I'm a bit skeptical about Mass Effect's similar claims of a huge universe we'll be able to explore freely.
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