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December 13th, 2006, 02:37
PatrickWeekes, thanks.
I have enjoyed Asian Martial Arts movies for about 20 years, though I am no expert.
After seeing a very young (19?) Jackie Chan in Cannon Ball run I was hooked.
Certianly not his best performance, his humor (secretly watching p0rn while his mentor was sleeping) and sheer flexablity left me jawdropped, certinaly a shock after mostly being exposed to Good Guys wear Black in the US.

"That is in NO WAY an attempt to dissuade anyone from buying it"
Don't worry I love learning about games and understood it as educational.

I think you have some great points, though I find I can put aside freedom for a good story, sounds like how many people felt about Redemption.
Many people were disapointed it was linear and limited in the scope of clan choices.
Its easy for us fans to want more, but I guess thats part what Patrick meant.

I tried to like Redemption for what it did give me, at the time I found what it did was done very well.
I loved the acting, story and massive amouts of choice on develping Disiplines and Attriubtes, not only that it was the only Vampire game and by extension the best.

I mentioned Redemption in this context as I have come to think much of the inspiration Bioware used in KotOR, could have possible been from the interactive ingame dialogues.
I know many of you have a more broad knowledge of games and formats, so my question is can anyone think of a game that did Ingame cutscenes with interactive dialogues before Redemption?

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