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December 13th, 2006, 08:00
Hearing about all the evolutions in process, dialoged and story complexities plus engine improvements is very exciting.
Even considering if we PC gamers still have to wait a year or two as with KotOR, JE and if it's 2008-9 before we see ME, each release's evolution still exceeds most current if not all RPGs by the time we get them.
So in this case being relegated to second tier is still very encouraging.

Could you mention something about the control scheme for PC version of JE?
KotOR was the first time I ever played a port and the only serious problem I had with it was even after 3 patches we still couldn't set our own keys as desired.
I hope that at least some of you guys are PC gamers or at least were and possibly understand how being forced to use someone else’s control scheme can be annoying.
This iis in refernece to setting the mouse controls, since I might not have been clear.

Thanks for your time.
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