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December 13th, 2006, 09:13
I have p;ayed EQ2 for a couple of months, if you are considering it and perfer having a choice about playing solo, I would suggest a Summoner.
My toon was a Gnome Summoner and did very well constantly soloing, there is a nice balance you need to play with of trying to get your heals timed at about 60% of your pets damage but very nice once you get than sweet spot.
It is just a matter of moving to the next area finding a spot where you can have your pet pull a single mob back to your safe spot to fight (safe spot being, having and knowing your escape plan).
I was able to level to the cap at the time of 50 very quickly and as mentioned they do have a great craft system, housing (with unlimited possiblies), mounts and many RP servers.
Not that I am saying they are the greatest as mentioned obviously WoW has done many things right and I still haven't play it, though I think about it.
Yet the content EQ has is 5 or 6 years worth its amazing and they have made efforts to fine tune it especially with the personalised dungeons where you can enter them solo anything you get tired of the normal content.
The amazing thing about an Summoner is they are also very groupable, so if you want to find a group you are in demand, my Pet could tank with the best of them.
Plus you get a few attack spells and of course healing spells for your Pet, which changes every 10 levels (iir) so you wont get bore with one pet.

I had a friend that wanted to play EQ2 instead of WoW because well he is a graphics nut, but he paid for my game to get me to play so it only cost me $15 a month.
Sadly I leveled so fast since I could play solo, while he chose a strait Mage was very limited and forced to group since Mages are not the best for soloing as a starting toon.
He got discuraged even though I offered to start another character or go to another sever with him and he quit playing.

So that's the best advice I can offer for the most versitle toon go with Summoner.

I guess I should have looked at the date, your proabably level 100 by now, doh!
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