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December 13th, 2006, 14:31
Hi there!

Is it just me or do your top 10 lists look very different at each try too? I have to agree with the thread starter, that not all of the glorified "good old games" were actually that great. So there're a few newer titles (post mid-90s) on my list too…

1) Planescape: Torment
So many great games but if we need to pick only one, it would definitely be PST for me. It's maybe the only game that shows, not all using the Infinity engine are crap ; - ) It seems that "story" and "originality" must not be neglected in any game (especially in RPGs).

2) Fallout
I'm gonna mention only the first game, because there's not a lot of space on a top 10 list. Fallout was also a very unique game with decent game mechanics. Maybe the first game ever, that made me "feel" that my actions and decisions really take effect.

3) Realms of Arkania II - Startail
That's the game I played the most. It was the first ever bought game and I cannot count my visits anymore. Of course, the first game (Blade of Destiny) was a good one too and the third and last Dark Eye game (Shadows over Riva) was way better than many reviews stated. In Startail there's so much humour, it remembers me of games like Monkey Island in some ways.

4) Vampire The Masquarade: Bloodlines
Really crappy use of the Source Engine with lots of bugs and very poor performance. But what counts is the "believable" setting. All of the NPCs and quests are so unique and well-thought. For me it's the best Troika game (Arcanum was really good too and Greyhawk lacked only some polishing, but there's only 10 games to mention).

5) Gothic 2
A lot of german fans prefer the first Gothic game. I think that the second one had all good things of the previous one PLUS more of everything (bigger gameworld, more npcs, quests, items). Of course, the dragon story lacks a bit but Gothic stays the only modern game series where the whole society of the world is so believably integrated in the gameplay. You just have to mention one of the Gothics here.

6) Wizardry 8
A lot of fans do prefer the older Wizardry games (especially Crusaders of the Dark Savant) but in my opinion SirTech vanished with one of the best games ever made. The RPG system is just perfect and very diversified. The turn based combat system is often called the weak spot, but I like it very much. Story, Quests, everything's just fine.

7) Might and Magic: World of Xeen
Actually those are two games, but I really liked the combination of MMIV and V. I think that later games (VI and VII were really good ones too) just lack the improvements. If you know one of them, you know all. I even tried MMIX this year - but I could not force me to play more than an hour or so. IV and V that definitely were the hightlights of the series.

8) Dungeon Master 2
For years I was very busy with this one. Yes, I know the first Dungeon Master game as well. I just like DM2 more. The rune system seems to have inspired games like Arx Fatalis and Black & White. Interesting setting with cool monsters and a lot of bad weather ; - )

9) Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
Nobody will know this game. I played it on the GameCube. Very interesting combat system and graphically nice presented exotic game world.

10) Kult: Heretic Kingdoms
It's too short, has a very simplified character developing system and is technically not up-to-date. But I just love this one. Very unique story with interesting multiple endings.

Hm… No Ultima game on my list. But if it had to be one, it would've been Ultima VII ; - ) If I would count games like Deus Ex as real RPG, it would be somewhere near place 1 on the list ; - )

So many games not mentioned. Should I have taken one of the "Eye of the Beholder" games into the top 10? Or maybe "Anachronox" (more an adventure game…), "Anito", "Prince of Qin", "Darkstone" (more hack 'n slash), … hitlists suck!
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