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December 14th, 2006, 09:37
Yes I can't find a link either, since game chair review brings up reviews of game chairs.


Wait I found it.

Ok here's what I get from it, he seems to be using 1/4 point system.

The Negative knocked off 25% of bad story and acting, then 25% off for the bad bugs.

The positive he gives 25% for the best H2H combat he has ever played and 25% for the best Magic he has every used.

So it ends up with 50% or 2/4, still seems progressivly scored well that's my quick take on it, anyway.

I don't really get his take on the hating women thing, that’s pretty severe as many game Devs, seem to enhance women's figures unnaturally.
There is a tension between some women but I still don't get the hate reference.

I do pretty much agree with the bugs, weak ass story on the negative side.

Its the positive side I agree on 100% has to be the best combat and magic I have played to date, not to mention a return of a most beloved weapon, not seen since the like's of Thief series the Rope Bow.
I don't mean some pale imitation, we are talking superior here in everyway.
Can't deside if it had me ready to weep for joy at what I was seeing or weep for sorrow of what Thief 3 could have been.

Oh and the Magic, body effects of casting the likes of never seen before in a game and combat that makes not just your fingers twitch but your whole body.
Getting your first decap is a thrill, not to mention head kicking.

Ok one thing though on the replay, I am not sure there really is a reason to replay for most, maybe but I would almost recommend giving yourself extra points so you can experience all forms of combat's diversity.

Here's my thinking if you play through this game once I doubt you will again, lets say you pick to focus on Weapon Combat so you can experience the best to date on a PC, never playing again you will completely miss out on the Best Thief Backstab in games and again the most wicked of body casting spell effects.

So its up to you if you play you have a chance to play to most visceral combat Magic, Weapon or Thief to date, if these things don't interest you skip this game big time nothing else will be worth your time or money.

It would be nice if PB paid attention to this combat, I think.
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