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December 14th, 2006, 20:39
I think it's worth pointing out that the devilwoman character is just that, a devilwoman. A succubus. So her sexualisation and comicbook-style bondage attitude is justified.

Leanna doesn't exist solely as a simple source of sexual innuendo. Her skills are necessary for the progress of the journey. In fact, even the devilwoman (whose name escapes me now) shows her prescence is a boon for Sareth in later points, not just an excuse for smutty comments.

Granted, Leanna's dress sense isn't exactly what I'd think of being practical for the adventuring life, but that's the fantasy genre all over. From the work of the majority of fantasy illustrators, to the rather racy constumes of various superheroes from comicbooks.

Not sure what the author means by a lack of motivation for the characters. Unless it's a deep philosophical point about the nature of power, and worth of the pursuit of power in and of itself, the motivation's quite clear. Sorcerer wants power, Sareth wants the adventurer's life. Granted it's no "you killed my father, prepare to die", but if writers only used that we'd be incredulous at the gall of them using the same faintly melodramatic motivation every time. That's not to say the story's not totally see-through and rather ham-fistededly delivered. It is, and it's not immediately compelling nor deeply cerebral, but it's not a deal-breaker in my mind.

It's probably been said heard before, but for those having big problems with stuttering and a Direct3D crash, set textures to "medium" quality. Worked very well for me. It IS a buggy, somewhat unreliable game, but there's a fun romp to be had if you can get past the problems.
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