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Default Greek roots

December 14th, 2006, 20:46
Taken as the culmination of its Greek roots, Misogyny simply means hatred of women; however, taken with a western grain of political and sociological context, the word has been frequently used to refer to the subjugation of women by cultural means. Xana certainly falls into this category, with Arkaneís constant reliance on sexuality to create her personality.

Leanna on the other hand, is slightly more subtle. In my opinion, she represents the virgin character, often presented as a foil to the hyper-sexual demon female in misogynist literature. The not-so-subtle implication of this common symbolism is that the only good woman is one who has saved herself for her husband. This is most commonly a Christian symbol, but shows up in other cultural literature also.

Keep in mind, that Iíve only played through the retaking of the ship, so if these characters do redeem themselves I apologize for pigeon holing them so quickly. I also understand that the writing in most games really canít be held up to great literature for side-by-side comparison. However, if we donít raise a stink about poor writing now, weíre sure to get more of it.

Take a game like Halo 2 for example. Here we have a very masculine game with plenty of childish themes. On the other hand, we also have great characters with fully developed back stories and motivations. The female characters in Halo 2 are well written, well acted, and far thrown from the ridiculous stereotypes all too common in gaming. For a couple other examples, take a look at Oblivion or Twilight Princess, games that actually do warrant side-by-side comparisons with great literature.

Thanks to everybody for the great comments and discussion. Controversy is fun




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