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December 14th, 2006, 23:52
Jake, thanks for your replies.

I didn't realize you only played through retaking of the ship, Leanna does start showing her usefulness in this level, by providing Magic attack support and Healing of the PC and herself if necessary, so yes that was just the start of the story developing.
I understand the frustration many people are having with the game technically which often causes a much harsher view overall, understandable cause I've been there.

You won't find a more staunch alley in the fight for the equally of women in life, literature, games, not to mention teaching women’s and children’s self-defense.
Living here in the US where women themselves seem to have forgotten the struggle for equal rights, which currently 13 (mostly southern) bigot and racist states are intentionally blocking the Constitutional amendment.
They are being funded by many cooperation’s (don't want to pay women equally) and evangelical groups (whom want women forced to stay at home).
Btw a disclaimer, to anyone whom might be concerned no not all evangelicals, many are good people trying to do the right thing.
There does exist a strong inhumane group mostly based out of the Southern Baptist Convention whom documents read of women doing the bidding of their husbands (or there about).

In the Game on the island the ship takes you too, is a book you find that tells of Demons and how the weak, foolish and power-hungry allow them to possession, going on to describe this hellish deal as completely losing battle for the host.
Not to mention there is a choice 3/4 into the game, in the matter if Xenna stays with you as part of the plot twist, which while not the great twist is legitimate.

Look realize I have criticized this story a lot, but in regards to Leanna, while I didn't think of her as virginal, I did think of her as a story breaker in the since she is portraying a Lawful Good Mage,
There fore she has no business with Metlack or Metlack has no business with Phering, it can't be both ways.
Reaon being she shows later in the game she has the ability to see good versus evil auras and would have seen through Metlack easily, yet in the dinner scene she clearly respects and obeys out of peer and familial loyalty.
Metlack knows Phering is evil and your are the DM, yet what benefit would Metlack have by helping evil destroy the world he obviously loves, i.e. he apologies to Leanna as he dies, he has wealth and power while seemingly watching over Stonehelm and to some extent it's guardian.
Why would he support the destruction of all he values?

So this seems to come from the legitimate frustration of technical issues, it happens no big deal, man.
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