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Default The definition of subjugate

December 15th, 2006, 19:52
The definition of subjugate I’m working from is, “to make submissive.” Culturally, it makes no difference whether you’re teaching the female to act submissively or teaching the male to expect the female to act submissively. These memes pass culturally because they have no other means to pass, no basis in fact. A character whose sexuality and personality are indistinguishable is a perfect example of this.

Yes, I agree that the primary purpose of writing hyper-sexualized characters is to exploit the male interest in sex to sell more games; however, the overuse of these stereotypes does do real damage. Of course, even the “target demographic” playing through Dark Messiah won’t get the impression that Xana is a realistic character. The effects are subtle, but measurable and definitely worth the debate.




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