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December 15th, 2006, 19:48
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
There are two routes we can take to get to my wife's parents house, which is ~200 miles away. One is pure highway, rest areas and the like. It is quick and efficient and ensured that when the kids were little we'd never be too far from a rest stop - and during the winter we knew we'd never be in an unplowed area.

Then there is the somewhat slower way along single lane 'highways', through rural areas, farms, up scenic roads, and through small towns. It takes a bit longer, but we take it when we have the time.

Each has the same start and destination - but it is the way in which we take the trip that makes all the difference.

And that is how and why I play RPG's.
But there AREN'T two routes in NWN2 (nor most other CRPGs). It's the exact same route but you can be an a**hole to the people along the way or a nice guy. You still hit all the same spots and end up at the same spot.

CRPGs just can't afford to include much optional-for-some-small-subset-of-players content. So they have no flexibility like in true face-to-face games. We put up with it because the good ones are still fun and have interesting stories.
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