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December 16th, 2006, 00:15
"A character whose sexuality and personality are indistinguishable is a perfect example of this"
I am not sure I agree or am I clear which category you example is intended.
Are saying if sexuality is part of someone's personality they are subjugator or subjugated?
Or are you saying if sexuality isn't part of someone's personality they would then be subjugator or subjugated?
I do think you’re off on the wrong track personally, subjugation is more of cultural imprint than based on biological evolution of sexuality into a persons being.

"however, the overuse of these stereotypes does do real damage"
Since kids/people (whom are we referring too here) are imprinted culturally and this is an teen/adult (right?) game, anyone getting their hands on this should already have a personality and sexuality nor will those be impacted or won't change anyone’s belief/biological systems.

It could easily be said about HL2 Alex is immediatly smitten with Gordon who never says jack.
Certainly the hero is more defined since he actually has speech and has an emotional range on top of it (hey look I am not arguing this is Shakespearean) and Leanna certainly becomes important to the story and while doesn't carry a gun, she can Heal and cast a mighty Fire Arrow.
The hero stumbles and stammers (as does Leanna) at the site of Leanna (this is called equal footing ), never seeing a women before (Xenna, not sure if you count her as a woman, I don't).
Remember this guy has been cooped up with some Necro, for 20 years, think Arnold in Twins but from the Darkside.

Things like this happen in real life it's not subjugation, people can and are often drawn together on a chemical DNA level, which we (RL humans) are just beginning to understand.
If people don't understand sexuality of course things can take a turn for the bad but if culturally people are aware of sexuality and not taught fear/guilt its quite healthy and could even be argued essential and mandatory to existence.

"Xana is a realistic character. ……."
Well this is based on fantasy and most of us or anyone showing interest have played things like D&D and it's know fact if you see a robe wearing guy summon a creature and inhabits your body, no matter whether she is dressed or not, know something ain't right at home.

This is clearly based on mythos, now just because they didn't have time for equal footing on the PC (it's obvious the title was rushed and single player should have had much better testing), so in my mind at least (I am guessing others as well) if we had been able to choose a gender they would have had a male succubus would you have felt the same?

If you are just speaking generally of course this is misused in every media format, though it just seems like you are blaming this one game.
To me education is always the key.
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