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December 16th, 2006, 02:13
I like the stat-crunch, just as long as it's optional, I can pay attention and take the thing as seriously as I want to, but I definitely want the choice. This is the type of choice that endears RPGs to me. If I want to break out the rulebooks and spreadsheets and really plan everything down to the last detail twenty levels out, it's an option. Then again, if I want to just sit back and make no more decision than plunking x number of skill points into the next-higher skills of my choice, that's fine as well.

I think NWN gives you this flexibility, if you really wish to make a totally gimped character to make the game tougher, you could. If like me, you dont necessarily want to do "the best" of everything to make the game a bit more of a challenge, that's fine too. I just take the choices that feel right for my character. You can also crunch the stats on everything down to your +2 charisma loincloth and walk all over everything in the game, and that's entirely possible too. These are the type of "choices" I really care about in an RPG, the personal development that allows me to pretty much craft the exact character that i want. That's how me and my avatar become one.
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