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December 16th, 2006, 16:33
Originally Posted by curious View Post
…..someone mentioned thief, and i think the thief games as they stand let you play the 'role' of a thief more than any other game so does that not make them the best thieving role playing game by definition. the only way games that allow you to play a role will evolve is by focusing on these type of roles. this is the draw of party based rpgs since it allows you to develop simultaneous characters but since you are controling them all, you aren't making different choices based on their charcter types only learning different skills. using a fireball or a sword to brake a barrel isn't making a choice but 'burning' someones clothes so they couldn't dress and chase after you versus slaying them in there sleep is a huge choice that envolves morals-something any great story must address. how you burn the clothes or what weapon you use is a nice feature but doesn't change your 'role'.
We need to define the concept of role. Do you think that the nameless one in Gothic 3 is an character that you fill with a personality? No, cause you just make choices that are only a part (big) of the total personality. His real personality is expressed by his sarcasm when he speaks and this personality lasts since Gothic 1. Oblivion let you shape your character but in a generic manner and you are just the man (or the animal ) that helps the died emperor. A real different role is a role that let you see the world and the story in a different manner. If you are the hero of the hammerites you see the world in a different manner, Garrett the thief has a different vision of the life, the Trickster too. I think that a RPG can attempt to let you enter in these deep roles letting you share their prospectives with a margin for your choices and this kind of game cam be still be defined a RPG.




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