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December 16th, 2006, 19:41
labels add no benifit and viewing/judging games on how they don't fit the 'genre' in question rather than their quallity of substance is ludacris to me. i realize the human mind naturally categorizes things to make our brains work more efficiently but to hold anything or waste time 'pontificating' or arguing about it makes no sense to me. to me its just another form of predjudice like looking at someones color and saying oh 'he's black' or 'she's asian'. a person can be african american and look completely white. you could go further and say all kinds of sterotypes about races, genders, which is only the mind 'categorizing' rather than 'humanizing'. calling people 'gay' or any other slew of derogatory remarks or insults only proves that some people are prone to dispute equality and don't really have any desire to 'take the quest' that envolves striping away the surface to understand the substance.
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