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December 16th, 2006, 22:34
Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
"The A.I of friends was extremely bad."
Hehe, yes it was I always had Leanna stay back, though on teh upside getting the Ship back and in the Temple at the Gate where she was in the action scene she did Heal me and cast Fire Arrows.

I still can't find out what that key is for you find on the Orc Near the Stream in the Spider cave.

Yeah chap 7 wasn't great but it did kinda make sence to the story.
Once I found out that I could make Leanna stop, I used that function everytime there was a battle. She was absolutely not allowed to help.

The majority of the reloads I had was to try to get Duncan and other people in the burning city to survive. In 19 cases out of 20, they started to attack me instead, often for no appearent reason. It's like a kick in their general direction is enough to tick them and the rest of the population off, which makes it near impossible to save them from swarming ghouls.

I also had a key for most of the game that I could not get rid off.
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