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December 17th, 2006, 06:39
"He is also listed as a designer on System Shock 1."
I haven't been able to find this listing, as I posted in his bio up above he is list himself as co-producer, even Wikipedia seems to confirm it, i.e. "worked with" that is a sure sign of outside producer and not to mention KLevine said the same thing at Blue's.

I though exactly the same thing you do and KLevine pointed out my mistake and most eveything seems to confirm what he said. so this is just the best of my understanding and knowledge, atm.

I am just going by his interviews as I mentioned where he said his design idea never got implemented in Dues Ex but did in Dx2 which afaik no one liked, it might have met better reception if it had been made more mouse friendly.

Usually Project Directors are like referees, schedulers and organizers not creators, though you sure could be right.

I am defiantly looking forward to his JPS’s RPG (guess) with Valve and I hope some day he gets to make a game based on the world he has conceptualized, though I think he has said the technology for the dialogue and choices is not yet available.

BioShock seems to be a great opportunity, when Irrational is in charge of design and implementation they have done exceptional work.
The last 4 or 5 games Irrational has done were niche market games and even with the existing franchises they worked on recently have gotten at least 80%, iir.
I am guessing they just need to focus on each format separately especially as far as controls and aiming.
The combat already looks very visceral, and they are very competent as far as stories and tension, imo.

I am not sure if they are going to be any dialogue choices which could upset RPG fans or if Irrational will use your actions as your alignment, much like PatrickWeekes from Bioware mentioned in the Jade Empire thread.

Now I certainly think Irrational is trying something new and evolutionary, unlike when Warren says he will admit he dropped the ball on DX2, “if others are willing to admit, we were trying something new”.
Problem is no one ever really thought their new ideas were new or would work well on a PC, well except maybe some console people.
No offense to console players, I am sure they want more console controls in their Ports so they are easier to play, except DX2 was a console game forced to work on a PC, that’s not innovation.
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