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December 17th, 2006, 11:44
[QUOTE=Acleacius;12779]Look what you get when you click on designer next to his name.
Please don't click on the virus as it could have been hacked, it obviously makes no since.
Wikiopedia obviously makes mistakes or gets hacked which ever is appropriate.*END QUOTE*

Not sure what you're talking about here. I had no problems with that link.(just checked it again) Why doesn't it make sense? Every clickable link in Wikipedia leads to a description of the word or words in that link.

"It actually sounds to me like you might be missinterpreting what a producer is concerning computer games"
Hehe, well what exactly I am misrepresenting?
What definition of producer are you using?
I thought my explanation was fairly accurate.
I am just using literal definitions (well best I can).
Hehe, I am using direct quotes from his bio, "He was project director on Ion's award-winning action/RPG, Deus Ex," how is this me trying to misrepresent?
Since your questioning me about misrepresenting a word.
How do you get "definitely worked hands on" and "the brain behind that game 100%" from the word "With" or words "worked with"?
You seem to be giving him all the credit for Deus Ex with "100%", did no one else had contributed any thought on the game? *END QUOTE*

Just what do you think a project director is? He was the #1 man behind Deus Ex, It's fairly common knowledge. Name another person who's name is mentioned along with DX anywhere near as much as his. No, he didn't make it 100% by himself. Obviously he had a team helping him, but he was the head of that team.
Thus - Project Director.

What would lead you to believe otherwise? Do you have secret information that no one else has? Did Ken Levine tell you otherwise?

I'm obviously just joking with those last 2 questions. But seriously, at this point I'm starting to question why you would even continue to debate about this.

Here is what I get in google.
Basically nothing, if you remove the first entry about DX2, which my quote from his bio was "As Studio Director, he oversaw development of Deus Ex: Invisible War, released in December 2003, and Thief: Deadly Shadows, released in June 2004."
Studio Director".
Hope that’s not misleading. *END QUOTE*

Somehow it doesn't look to me like you tried very hard to really dig up any info.
I see you didn't follow my suggestion with Yahoo. Maybe because you're not going to like what you find?

Not only will you find numerous articles about Warren Spector and Deus Ex, but most of them will also mention his work on SS 1 and the UU series.

If you can't let yourself take my word for it then ask others.
Here is a site dedicated to Looking Glass Studios. It specializes in the SS, Thief, and Deus Ex series, as well as others. Feel free to go there and post on the forums. Make sure you ask about Warren Spector.

I'm being cautious about getting too excited about Bioshock at this stage. It makes me a little nervous that they're developing it for Xbox 360 at the same time instead of making it a pc game first.
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