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December 17th, 2006, 21:36
" Not sure what you're talking about here."
Hehe, that's funny they actually found it before you got to see it.
Someone had hacked in the very first sentence the word "game" and replaced it with "virus".
I didn't want anyone to actually click on it, since it seemed obviously a hack job.

"Just what do you think a project director is"
A leader and organizer, sort of like a producer but focused on one game.

"Do you have secret information that no one else has? Did Ken Levine tell you otherwise?"
Lol, look if you don't believe me or that KLevine doesn't post on Blue's that's fine, this information isn't pertinent to anyone’s well being and just like when I spoke of PatrickWeekes posting here at RPGWatch I used appropriate cavots, iir.

"Maybe because you're not going to like what you find? "
Lol, it was 4am and I don't use Yahoo except as a last resort so I had a Google link handy.
Are you suggestion Yahoo has secret knowledge Google can't get?

"Feel free to go there and post on the forums"
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I would list my Ion Storm registration date here in Austin but the boards were taken down.

Warren and Harvey.
My thoughts in hind site, about a year before release there seemed to be a deep division on Dues Ex with one team wanting to make really innovative dialogue choices and multiple paths, the other team was more limited choices.
About 8 months before release there was a mass exodus about 40 (iir) and I believe Warren had to choose, letting most of the really innovative team go to stop the division and get the game out.
Since Harvey did DX2 you can guess which team he was on, especially with his design strategy for DX2 taking many shortcuts turning it into a console game.
I am not attacking Harvey personally I am sure he is a good guy but I suspect he was raised on console game and probably shouldn't be developing PC games, well unless he comes to realize the differences.

On the Ion Storm DX2 boards after release there was a very clever post by a member.
He posted two pictures one of the Old Flying Jalopy Car Homer Simpson drove with a tag "This is how Harvey views Dues Ex" and a second picture of a sleek beautiful Mustang or Trans Am (it's been awhile) with the tag "This is how the Deus Ex community view Dues Ex" was one of the most popular threads on the DX2 boards and was very poignant.

That's true and Irrational has never developed a console game before afaik, but they are such inherently PC gamers I am giving them the benefit of the doubt.

" Let me be more specific"
You mentioned the first Thief earlier too, but still worked on TDS is still ambiguous as a Studio Director.
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