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December 18th, 2006, 20:26
As far as the quality of the voice acting, I think the game is excellent. No back room mail clerks and programmer wifes here. Real Pros. And generally well directed. While it is disappointing they changed some of the voice actors, what there is, in the game, is fine. I simply can not see how anyone can call the voice acting here bad unless they have some kind of agenda. You want bad, see Spellforce, Beyond Divine Divinity, Lost Island, Gods land of Infinity, Neverend, Mage Kngiht, and a ton of others I have thankfully forgotten.

Typically voice acting falls into two categories. The quality of the voice and the speaking the line in context of the story. The former is a product of the actor and the later is a product of the director. I am level 28 so far in Gothic 3 and I have yet to hear a misstep in the voice acting.

BTW, Dwight Schultz also played Barkley (the engineer addicted to the Holo deck) in Star Trek, TNG.
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