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December 18th, 2006, 23:47
"Bingo! Now we're on the same page"
Well if that's your idea of a producer then how on earth did you get all those comments about Warren making, creating and everything else to 100% deal?
Producers organize and control funds not make/create games.

"Do you even realize that Ken Levine had nothing whatsoever to do with Deus ex?"
Lol, are you just trying to change the subject every comment?
When did I suggest Levine worked on Deus Ex?
We were talking about Warren and SS 1, which Levine was working for Looking Glass on Thief at the time.
Were you aware of that?
If so your whole comment makes no since at all, except as a diversion attempt.

"No, but Google and Yahoo don't pull up the exact same things."
Not because something exist or doesn't exist only due to different procedurals, which since most of the evidence including Warren’s own bio suggest you are just not up to date on info and Google seems more efficient, since you would have posted something substantial if you had found it on Yahoo.

" Not sure if that paragraph is taken from an interview or an article but it pretty much sums up what I've been saying."

This is my opinion not an excerpt of an interview.

"f that sentence doesn't reflect who the head guy was, than nothing will."
Lol, you are defiantly changing your position.
Either you don't know or didn't know what an Producer is (hey don't feel bad no one is born with knowledge we all have to learn it) because earlier you were claming he made, created games and had creative input on Dues Ex games yet when I ask you seem to avoid answering my questions and I am trying to answer yours On the Merit.

"clear up any friendly confusion concerning"
Well if you want to use the words "worked on" in a vague and ambiguous way, that could be considering clearing up, in a completely generalizing way.

" Neither of them are listed in the credits for"
Friends, family and pets get mentioned in the credits.

"He was the founder of Ion Storm Inc.'s Austin branch"
Well actually John Romero hired Warren to run (Project Director as I mentioned) the Ion Austin office and actually he was hired to make Dues Ex and later Eidos took over Ion after John Romero blew development of Daikatana because of all the paries, hookers, hot tubs and coca.
Then Eidos gave Warren Studio director where he went on to OverSee the creation of DX2 and T3 as he has done in his past employment's, oversight and management not creation.

Now if your not familar with LG and IR they shared a house very much like PB does, they shared programmers, artist you name it, they were basicly seperated by rooms iir
The point being if IR hadn't moved out it's very possible he did contribute to T2 and even if they had moved out Levine propabaly still got credit for "based on the orginal story by", though I haven't taken the time to verify.

I don't see any reason they can't get the gameplay to at least a SS2 level since they were the original creators, certainly better gameplay would be amazing if possible.
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